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Long Distance

starliner commented that Dan and I have been long distance enough. That got me thinking. Dan and I have had a long distance relationship for a long time. Four and a half years of dating and two months of married life. All of which has been long distance. When I did visit him, I'd stay for a month at a time. The longest time together was about 36 days, due to a blizzard that postponed my trip by a week. I did visit Dan once for a month, came home for a week, then returned for another month, so I guess I could count that as two months.

Long distance relationships are hell. Dan and I have broken up a few times due to the distance. We always seemed to get back together in spite of the distance and border between us though. Even during the break-ups, our love for each other never died.

Now, we will be living together. We will only have one residence. That makes me so grinny. :D
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