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Made a decision about the truck

Well, I made a decision. I've been trying to figure out for a couple of months now if I should keep my Toyota Pick-up and take it with me to Canada or sell it and leave it behind here in The States. It's a great little truck. It's a 1990 pick-up and the engine is running great with 215,000 miles on it. Even the body is in great shape. The problem lies underneath the truck.

I have been looking at something wrong with my brakes (I still am not sure what's wrong with them as I can't get a straight answer from the repair shops) for a few months now. The rear bumper might need to be replaced before it can pass State Inspection. It all depends on the inspector as it is borderline. The clutch line broke at the end of June, but I did repair that for cheap. None of those were deciding factors.

Today, when I was getting my oil changed, I was informed that my oil pan is so rusty that it should be replaced, soon. They don't do any repairs at the oil change place, so I knew that they weren't trying to get more business from me. The oil pan was the deciding factor.

I have seen the underside of my truck when I fixed my clutch line and the whole underside is very rusty. The salt form Maine's and Nova Scotia's winters have wreaked havoc on my poor California truck.

One of the things that is wrong with the brakes is that the calipers on one of the wheels are seized and won't operate, due to being rusted. The rear bumper has been eaten away right behind the rear passenger side tire. That section has been blasted away by road salt. And in Maine, both bumpers are required. Now the oil pan is in need of replacement.

The brakes have something else wrong with them, but I can't get a straight answer and the shop wants to replace some parts to "see if that fixes the brake problem." Umm, no. I'm not going to pay $550 to "see" if something gets fixed. For that price you better know for sure.

I priced the bumper online since the shops around here can't locate one. The online price is just over $200 and that includes free shipping. That does not include the brackets or bolts. I can replace the bumper myself, so I don't have to worry about labor costs.

The oil pan is $199 and the repair shop will install it for $650. The $650 price includes the cost of the oil pan. They are going to rape me on the labor since they are calculating the job will take 6.5 hours, plus the oil, gasket, and all that crap.

My State Inspection sticker expired at the end of June, so I'm overdue for a safety inspection. I know for a fact that the truck won't currently pass inspection without fixing the brakes, even though the truck stops with the brakes working on 3 of the wheels. The brakes also have other problems besides the seized calipers. The rear bumper is a 50/50 thing. it can go either way depending on the inspector. The oil pan could be considered a safety hazard, which could fail the inspection.

My biggest worry is, what is the next item that is right around the corner that needs to be fixed/replaced? That is the question that I've toiled over for a couple of months now. The oil pan was the enough of "the next item" that made me say, "It's time to let you go" as I patted the dashboard. She's a great little truck, but I don't have enough money to fix her up. It's time to sell her.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about transportation from now until the time I move to Canada, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. The cool part is that I'm not stressed about it. I'm a little sad that I have to say goodbye to my truck, but I'm not stressed about it.
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