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I didn't realize it had been so long since I made a real post.

First off I should say that I'm back in Maine. I got back on June 28th.

I'm married now and have a ring on my finger. I'm actually used to wearing it now. The wedding went great. We did have our last minute running around on the day of the wedding to pick up things that should have been done ahead of time, but it all worked out.

We had 3 disposable cameras available for guests to take pictures during and after the ceremony. I dropped the cameras off and the pictures are being developed. When I pick them up, I'll post some here. Dan's dad gave me a CD with the pictures that he took of the wedding. I'll post some of those as well. My sister also said that she will be sending me some of the pictures that she took. nightwing0618 and travmaster52314 brought their video camera along. I can't wait to see what the video looks like. I knew I was nervous when it came time to repeat the vows, and I saw how nervous Dan was when it came time for him to repeat his vows. I was so afraid that I would forget to repeat something. It will be great to see just what the ceremony was like.

I want to write more about the wedding, but for now I will continue to summarize. I will make another post after this one with all of the details of the wedding.

Dan's dad picked me up from the Halifax airport in Nova Scotia on June 28th. I stayed at his house for about and hour before driving home. I got to meet William, Dan's baby half-brother. He's a cutie. :)

On the drive back home, I decided to stop at McDonald's for breakfast. I pulled into the drive-thru and inched along with the other cars. Then when I needed to move up again, my clutch pedal had no resistance at all. I couldn't put the truck in gear. I had to get out and push my truck out of line. The guy behind me, after what seemed like a minute of me trying to push my truck, asked if I needed any help. I thanked him and we pushed it into the empty parking lot. I went into the restaurant anyway, figuring that if my truck needed to be taken to a repair shop, I was going to have breakfast first.

After I finished eating, I went to find out what was wrong with the clutch. I had only driven an hour up to that point, and I still had to drive another 5.5 hours before I was home. I really didn't want to be stuck in Nova Scotia to work on my truck. Once I calmed down, I found out that I was out of clutch fluid. Luckily there was a Canadian Tire (for those that aren't familiar, Canadian Tire sells EVERYTHING!) across the street. I filled the empty reservoir with fluid, and I was back on the highway.

When I pulled off for gas a few hours later, my clutch was gone again. I had a leak. I kept filling up the truck with fluid all the way home and I made it.

This week, I found the break in the line and replaced it. I also needed a slave clutch cylinder and replaced that as well. The whole repair was less than $25.

Now my truck is back on the road and the clutch is performing beautifully.

Dan and I are thinking about moving to Halifax now to live. It is cheaper to rent there than it is in Edmonton, Alberta where Dan is currently. Also the cost of moving is a hell of a lot cheaper.
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