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Getting ready

I'm getting ready to leave for Edmonton, Alberta. I head out tomorrow for my overnight stay in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Dan's (rogonandi) dad. Then I fly out of Halifax (YHZ) at 7:15 Wednesday morning for Edmonton. I will arrive at Edmonton (YEG) at 9:32 Wednesday morning. I will then catch a shuttle bus to the hotel where Dan works and we will head to his apartment as soon as he gets off from work.

As I was getting ready and just about to put clothes in the washing machine, the power went out. I called the electric company and the recording said that there was a scheduled power outage for maintenance that would last for 15 minutes. I was very surprised when the power came back on after 14 minutes and 30 seconds. The power outage didn't help my nerves any.

I'm nervous. I'm not nervous about the wedding itself, but I'm nervous about all of the plans coming together on one day, June 23, 2007.

Married!!! I'm getting married!!!

2 days until I see Dan, and 12 days until the wedding! YAY!!!
Tags: clothes, dan, dan's family, marriage, power, travel

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