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I have had nightmares before, but it has been a long time since I was actually startled awake by one. I had a nightmare about seeing these huge creatures that looked like a cross between an ant and a spider, but they were the size of medium-sized dogs.

I had noticed them outside in the yard. They seemed to be all over the place. I then saw that our dog was outside. She was lying on a blanket in the sun. I called to her and she came running. I let her in the house and looked back to the blanket. One of the spiders moved over to the abandoned blanket and it looked like it was sniffing and looking around. I noticed that the door hadn't latched shut all the way when I let the dog in, so I moved to the door to close it. I saw that one of these spider creatures was trying to work its way under the screen door. I pushed on the front door to close it and felt extremely strong resistance. I realized that the spider was between the front door and the screen door and had incredible strength. I immediately panicked because I couldn't budge the door at all to close it. That's when I sat up in bed, startled awake.

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