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In Jail

I went to jail today...but not because I did anything wrong. I had to get fingerprinted for my FBI background clearance for Canadian immigration.

I saw a lot of people in orange jumpsuits sitting in a circle in some sort of group meeting as I walked through the first set of steel doors. I was escorted through a maze of corridors before we made it to the fingerprinting room. The walls of the corridors were concrete brick with steel doors every few feet on either side. Some of the steel doors had thick glass windows in them. I think they were the actual cells, because when I glanced through the thick glass of one of the doors, it looked like a very messy room.

I didn't realize that I was nervous until we got all the way into the fingerprinting room and I let out my breath that I was holding in. The room was large and relaxing, which put me at ease rather quickly. Plus, the deputy that was fingerprinting me was very nice and so were all the other people in the room. It made the actual fingerprinting part rather enjoyable.

Even with as much fun as it was getting my fingers rolled in sticky black ink, I was very happy to exit the building and climb into my truck.

One thing that I didn't realize until later when I had time to reflect on my adventure, was that, as I was escorted through the jail, I was leading the way, with only a few directions from the deputy behind me to keep us on course. That made a lot of sense. It's much easier to keep an eye on someone if they are in front of you.
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