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No Power and therapy appointment

The power went off last night. I was expecting it to happen much earlier due to all the snow we received yesterday. In the process, I was cutoff from chatting with my future hubby, rogonandi. It was late, so I just ended up going to bed. *Sends Dan a belated goodnight kiss* I can't wait to get up to Edmonton, Alberta so I can do this for real!

Today, I head down to Augusta, Maine for an appointment with Beth. I'm leaving an hour earlier just in case there are any problems with the road conditions.

My back is sore from all the snow shoveling yesterday, but it's not out of commission. I spent a little extra time in the shower just letting the hot water loosen the muscles in my back. I am wearing my back belt today just to be safe, as I don't want to throw out my back. I have too many things that I need to do.
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