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Wedding update

It's getting closer to the June 23 wedding mark and things are beginning to move now.

I have created a web page to place wedding details as they develop.

I should receive the invitations from the printer in a few days. Then I have to address them and mail them out. There are still a few addresses I don't have yet. I have old addresses for some people and other people I don't have an address at all.

The park site has been booked. We didn't get our first choice. An organization booked the entire park that we wanted for a fund-raiser. But our site has been booked and paid. I have the license in my hand.

We decided on having a barbecue after the wedding for the reception. That way we can all relax and enjoy ourselves. Plus, we won't have to drive to a different location after the ceremony. We are planing on having chicken and something like baby back ribs, steak, hot dogs, or a combination of all of them.

The City of Edmonton doesn't allow alcohol in any of their parks, so we will have to toast with sparkling cider instead. Throwing rice or confetti in the park is also a no-no. I'm not bummed out by those restrictions at all.

Next on the to-do list is to find someone to perform the ceremony. I'm not picky in this department. If he or she has a pulse, is licensed, and doesn't have an issue marrying same-sex couples, then it's all good.
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