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Bank account update

All of the direct deposits have been captured and are being deposited into my new account. My money will be in my account and accessible on Tuesday. I'm hoping that I will at least get my debit or ATM card soon after that.

I talked with the apartment management company today and filled them in on what happened with my bank account. They said that I can pay my rent as soon as I can. I think that's great.

As soon as I get my new debit card, I can pay my rent and begin switching my payment information with all of my other bills and utilities.

It's weird. At the beginning of February, when there was a chance of my bank closing my account, I was very stressed out. But now that it actually happened, I am surprisingly calm. I'm not happy, but I'm calm. I think it's because it was the bank's fault and nothing that I did, since I did take care of the identification problem.
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