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Baggy Pants

My pants are now way too big for me. I have lost enough weight so far that when I put on my Levis, they start sliding down before I have a chance to put on my belt. Plus, I've needed to tighten my belt two notches. I only have one notch left. WoooHooo!

So today, I need to get my old Levis out of storage. I have never been able to throw or give away a perfectly good pair of Levis. At least I don't have to spend any money buying new clothes. I will have to buy some new shirts though. I'm noticing that the shirts I'm wearing have a lot of extra material just hanging around. I feel like my shirts were made by Tent Makers 'R Us. :) I was able to wear my favorite Lake Tahoe t-shirt today. I'll probably wear it out now that it fits again.

My user icon is pre-weight gain. I don't have any pictures of how I look right now, which suits me just fine. Just within the last two years, I've gone from weighing 160 pounds (I weighed 165 in my icon picture) to ... are you ready for this? ... a whopping 250 pounds! Low self-esteem sure did a number on my weight and health, but I've lost 26 pounds so far and I'm still dropping. I currently weigh 224 pounds and my target weight is 180 pounds for now. I should be around 190 pounds by Christmas if I maintain a 2 pound loss per week. I should hit my target weight of 180 pounds right before my Birthday!

This entry is another milestone for me. Talking about my weight is something I very rarely do. But I have no qualms about discussing it now. This is just another indication that my self-esteem has increased immensely. I feel great about myself.

Life is good.
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