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Running around in my birthday suit.

I love being able to walk around the apartment naked. In the winter it can get a bit chilly in the apartment and I have to eventually put something on to warm up. My hands and feet are the first to get cold. That is the same whether I'm naked or fully clothed. That is just as well, because having a cold penis would suck. And not in a good way.

I have noticed that when I sleep alone, I normally wear underwear. I even wear pajamas if it is pretty cold. If I'm sleeping with Dan, I always sleep naked. It's not something I think about before hand.

I have to admit that I get a little nervous when I cook naked. I have only gotten splattered once from popping grease, but that was enough for me to be cautious. I'm also cautious when I eat naked. Having something hot fall into your lap is not fun when you're naked.

Well, it's time to jump into the shower then put on some clothes so I can go to the grocery store. Besides it being very cold outside, I don't think people would appreciate me shopping in the nude. Or maybe they not to chance it.
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