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Truck adventure

Life has been moving on and pulling me along with it. Other than an adventure the other night with the truck, everything has remained the same. Even my birthday came and went without anything special.

The truck adventure happened when I decided to make a late night trip into Bangor to have a meal and bit of dessert at Denny's. I noticed that I was out of gas as I reached Bangor and pulled into a gas station. When I reached for my wallet to pull out my debit card, I noticed that I didn't have my wallet. I hadn't pumped any gas so that wasn't a problem, but not filling my truck with gas WAS a problem.

It was about 6°F outside and I figured that I couldn't just sit in the truck for very long. I was sitting on E, but I didn't have my wallet to call AAA. Even if I was able to call them, I didn't have my membership number or any ID to prove who I was. I also didn't have any phone numbers handy to call friends either.

I decided to just chance it and drive back home and hope to hell that I'd make it. When I got on I-95, I turned off the radio and the heater and drove 55 mph to save as much fuel as I could. I watched the gauge drop even further as I drove down the highway. I started panicking that I'd run out of gas and a state trooper would come by and ask for my driver's license, registration, and insurance. I had my registration and insurance, but no ID. I didn't want to be taken in for driving without a license. I pulled off at Orono which is the last exit that has gas stations until my exit. I pulled into the gas station to go over my options.

I could beg for money. I could look through the phone book at the pay phone and pray that Kristy's number wasn't unlisted. I could just sit in my truck until the morning and call Trish (she doesn't answer her phone after she goes to bed). And lastly, I could just get back onto the highway and hope I make it home.

Kristy wasn't in the phone book. Plus, the pay phone was 50 cents and I only had 45 cents. I felt too creeped out to ask people for money. It was too cold to sit in my truck for 5 or 6 hours until morning. So I decided to drive home.

I watched the gas gauge drop below the empty line and I still had 10 miles to go until my exit, then 10 miles to drive after that. I knew I wasn't going to make it all the way home. I could possibly make it to my exit and pull into the gas station there and wait until they opened and pump my gas...but I still didn't have my wallet. Kristy lived right off the exit, so I thought I'd try making it to her house instead and ask if I could crash on her couch over night and see if she could take me to get my wallet in the morning.

I made it to her house and filled her in on the whole story after scaring the hell out her for showing up at her place so late. She said that the other gas station across the bridge stayed open 24-hours, but you have to have a credit card after hours because there are no employees there at night.

I never knew that the pumps stayed on all night. That is awesome.

I asked if she could take me to get my wallet so I could pump the gas. She said that she had a credit card and started to get her shoes and socks on. We made it to the pumps and I was able to get enough gas to be able to get home and back to the pumps to fill up my truck. Yay!

So that was my little late night adventure. I'm such a dork. I now have Kristy's number ready to put into my glove box for the next time I do something stupid.
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