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Snowed in

Well, I'm not going anywhere for a while. I'm looking out the window at a bunch of snow on the ground and it is continuing to fall. The owner's son came out on his quad two hours ago with a plow attached to the front and plowed the walkways, but you can't tell that he did anything now. He just lives across the street, so it is easy for him to drive over here. I have to wait until the regular plow guy comes by with his truck before I can actually get out of the driveway though.

Normally I don't care and I'm usually a little excited, but today I'm antsy and would like to drive into town to do some grocery shopping. That's not going to happen today. We are in the midst of a Nor'Easter. I'm not sure how long this storm is supposed to last. I don't want the snow right now!

Wow! It's coming down thick. I can barely see the tree line across the field.

I just hope the power stays on... *knocks on wood*

Thinking positively, today is the perfect day to be snuggled up with your sweetheart in front of the fire on this Valentine's Day.
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