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Disneyland and being gay

Weird. I'm not sure what I did to my last post, but only the first few characters actually posted..."bu" was the first part of the word busy.

Oh well.

I've been busy lately. The truth is the family is very busy and I am along for the wild ride.

We went to Disneyland on Tuesday (January 2nd) with the next door neighbors. They both work for Disney's feature animations and invited us as their guests. We all had a great time. The park was jammed packed. We heard that Disneyland had to close the main gates because they were at capacity. We rode a few rides in Disneyland, then headed over to the less crowded California Adventure.

California Adventure has been improved since I was there last. In 2003 it was kind of sucky (as in not much there), but I'm pleased with the changes that they've made to the park since then. Even with the changes, I still wouldn't go to California Adventure alone without also going to Disneyland.

My niece figured out that I was gay when we were at Disneyland. I was talking to Hank, the next door neighbor, about Dan and me getting married, and Bryelle asked my sister, "Is Dan a boy?" Piper said that he was. Piper told me that she could see the wheels turning in Bryelle's head, then Bryelle asked, "Is Uncle Greg gay?" To which Piper replied that I was.

Later that night, we met up with my other sister, Paige and the rest of the family inside Disneyland. They were vacationing there for 5 days. Bryelle asked Paige if she knew that I was gay. Paige said that she did know. Bryelle then made the comment, "But Uncle Greg doesn't even have an ear ring." I got a pretty good laugh when I was told about the conversation. :D

Well that was pretty much what I tried to post last time. I'm going to try to fill in the rest as soon as I can. I'm not always able to get onto the computer. I'm able to right now because my niece is at a sleep-over with one of her friends tonight and I'm using her computer.
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