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Well, my cards went out today. They were mailed much later that I wanted them to be, but I did get them out. I have a feeling that a couple of the international ones will arrive close to or after Christmas. I could blame it on my California trip, but the truth is I just procrastinated. I did have the international cards addressed a week ago, so I could have mailed them if I tried hard enough. Oh well. Isn't it the thought that counts?

I'm having a lot more fun this trip than I thought I would. I think the biggest reason for the good mood is not having the munchkins running underfoot 24-7. Nate and Bryelle are old enough that they don't need that much supervision.

I'm also VERY excited that Dan will be joining me here in January. He got approved for the time off from January 15-18. We will make those 4 days count. Woohoo!! :D
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