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Last night (Sunday) we all went to a soccer party for Bryelle's soccer team. Her coach will be leaving after having coached them for 4 years. He will begin coaching younger girls next season. Bryelle's team is getting old enough where they need a different set of skills. He will be staying with them through the end of this season, then he'll coach a new set of girls. Anyway, the party was an end of year party and a goodbye party as well. I had a pretty good time. I had met a lot of the girls from the team already from watching a lot of their games. I also had met a good portion of the parents as well, so I didn't feel out of place at the party.

On Saturday night, I took my niece, Bryelle and my nephew, Nate to an ornament exchange party. I was the designated adult for them because my sister, Piper and her husband, Dave had a Christmas party for his work to go to. I knew nobody at the party. Well that's not completely true. I had met the wife of the couple that threw the party that afternoon when she came to pick up her daughter who had spent Friday night for a sleepover.

There was tons of snacking type food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The adults were a little too loose with the adult conversations around the kids. Nate sure got a vivid description of Brittney Spears' no underwear photos AND where to find them on the Web. They didn't tell him directly, but he was right there when the topic was being discussed. Nate will be turning 15 in 2 weeks, so I wasn't too concerned, but I did let Piper know what was discussed when she and Dave got home that night.

Piper ended up telling me that night that the wife who threw the party also gives tupperware parties and adult merchandise parties, so that made a lot of sense. But still, when there are kids running around, keep that stuff to a minimum.
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