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In warm Southern California

I made it safe and sound in California. I'm staying with Piper and her family. Currently, they are all asleep. I'm still on Eastern Time, so it feels like 9:45 AM to me instead of 6:45 AM.

The flight last night from JFK airport to Burbank was miserable. Most of the flight was turbulent due to the weather. The pilot announced that other aircraft were reporting the same turbulence at every altitude, so there was no getting around it. There was an hour and a half when I thought I was going to throw-up. I had cold-sweats and I could feel my mouth watering. I unplugged my headphones and rested my head against the cold wall by the window. It seemed to help. I didn't lose it, but I felt as if I was coming close a few times. This would have been the first time getting sick on an airplane. I was so happy when we landed. My stomach was still upset, but I was starting to feel better by the minute.

I woke up this morning with a headache and runny nose, and I can feel my throat is a little sore. My throat isn't bad, but I can tell that I'm getting a cold. I'm sure this cold didn't help things last night.

I was so lazy before I left that I didn't do laundry, so I'll be doing laundry this morning. It's also nice to have a washer and dryer in the house and not have to feed the machine quarters. When I told Piper that I had to do laundry before I left, she said just do it here. I figured why not. If the security people wanted to go through my baggage then they could just handle my dirty underwear. :D
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