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Double vision

I received a new pair of glasses yesterday. The prescription looks wrong in the left eye at a distance. Great. I might need bifocals.

During the eye exam, the eye doctor couldn't find any physical problem with my eyes as to why I am seeing monocular double vision in each of my eyes. He said that if the problem doesn't go away after getting my new glasses that I should talk with my primary care physician. That scares me. He mentioned that there could be something in my head that is causing it, and that's why I should talk to my primary care physician.

The eye doctor kept looking over and over and did more tests, but he said that my eyes are healthy. That is a relief, but not really comforting in the overall picture.

I just now got off the phone and they set me up with an appointment today at 2:30 PM. Now I'm shaking.

Edit: I did a little searching on the net and came across this:
Monocular diplopia

 If the double vision persists when one of the eyes is covered, the patient has monocular diplopia.  Monocular diplopia is usually due to an opacity, like a cataract, within the eye which is splitting the image.  It can also be due to uncorrected astigmatism.  It is never neurological in nature, and the only "work-up" required is referral to an ophthalmologist.

So if it is never neurological in nature and my eyes are healthy, why did the eye doctor tell me to see my primary care physician?
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