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Dream with a moral

There aren't very many dreams that I can find a clear moral in them, but I just had one that does.

The dream started out (or at least that's how far back I can remember) with 4 people in the ocean, I was included in the 4. We were literally in the ocean, no boat or raft. We were just treading water.

We were starting to get tired when I made the suggestion that we should get the life rings off of the abandoned ship that happened to appear in my dream. We could also get fresh water in case we were out there a long time.

After 3 of us (the 4th person disappeared from my dream) climbed onto the ship (not a difficult feat in the dream), we tried to take the life rings, but they were attached to ropes that we really didn't need. I began looking around for something to cut the rope. As I was looking, I noticed that the other 2 had managed to cut through their rope with something. I continued looking inside for a serrated knife. The inside of the ship was the inside of my grandmother's house on Loma Vista. I could see the other 2 people through the sliding glass window and I was trying to hurry to find a knife so I could get my rope cut. As I rummaged through the drawers where I knew the knives to be, the phone rang. I answered the phone and it was my mom. She was relieved to hear my voice. The family had been worried because I was gone for so long.

I finally found a sharp knife and was anxious to go cut the rope and free the life ring and catch up with the others. I noticed through the sliding glass window that the ship was going to run a-ground and I told my mom that I had to go because the ship was going to run into the shore. As I hung up, the ship hit the shore. It didn't hit hard, but enough for the ship to become clearly stuck on the shore that it wan't going anywhere. I hurried and cut through the other rope and freed the other ring. I then thought about getting fresh water before I joined the others, which I couldn't see any longer.

It was then that it began to hit me that I had a lot of options besides floating in the water. That's when I woke up.

The moral is that when you are in trouble, there is help all around you, if you just open your eyes and see it.

The first was the ship. That alone could have saved all of us until more help arrived.
The life rings. The only thing I could see at the time that would help, besides the fresh water.
The phone. I was talking to my mom. I could have told her where we were and asked her to send help to rescue us.
The shore. We could have just gotten to shore and found help.

It was an interesting dream.
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