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Food, Wind, and Mosquitoes

I went to the Post Office to mail a package to Dan, but it was closed for Veterans Day.

That's okay. I went to the grocery store instead to get something edible to have in the apartment. I didn't buy the healthy items this time around. I bought the tasty ones. I'm not saying that all healthy items suck in the taste department, but...yes I am.

It did get me out of the house. I was able to enjoy this lovely day. It's a little breezy, but still very nice.

One thing about it being windy is the mosquito swarms can't hover by my front door. I thought they were all gone for the season, but it warms up for a few days, the snow melts, and they appear again. Yesterday, I opened my front door and there were at least 30 mosquitoes (probably more) hovering in front of my screen door. I made sure I had a firm grip on the doorknob of the front door before opening the screen to make sure none of them got into the apartment. I pushed open the screen at the same time I closed the door. It worked. None of them seemed to have gotten in.
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