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Smoke Alarm Works

I was cooking potato wedges for dinner. I had turned the heat all the way up to boil some water in the pan to soften the potatoes up before I got them crispy. Well when the water came to a boil, I thought the potatoes needed a little more water. I added more water to the pan and replaced the pan on the burner, not paying attention to the temp. I set the timer, which would have been good for simmer, and went back on the computer.

I lost all track of time until the timer went off. I went in the kitchen and lifted the lid to the pan and smoke came billowing up. That's when I realized what I had done. Then the smoke detector starts blaring. I'm standing in the kitchen with a pan of burnt potatoes wondering what I should do. I drop the pan into the sink and run into the hallway waving my hands and arms at the smoke detector trying to get it to shut up. After 10 seconds of waving, it went silent. At which point, I thought, "I wonder if the neighbors are wondering what just happened."

I go back into the kitchen and smoke is still coming out of the pan. I write off the potatoes as a total loss at this point and turn on the water to flood the smoking spuds. While they are being flooded, I turn on the fan over the stove to remove as much of the smoke as I can and go back into the hallway and resume my fanning of the smoke detector with a notebook, just in case.

Well, the kitchen is now all cleaned up, the potatoes are in the trash, and the neighbors didn't hear a thing.

I think tonight is going to end up being a TV dinner night.
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