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Back together!

Dan (rogonandi) and I are back together! Yippee!

I talked to Dan on the phone tonight. We have been talking for a few days now about how we felt for each other. All of it pointed to us getting back together because neither of us stopped caring deeply for the other. The reason for the break-up in the first place had nothing to do with love.

This talk actually started a week after we broke-up, but we felt we didn't want to get back together for the wrong reasons.

Dan told me that he really never thought of us as being broken-up. I KNEW I didn't feel as if we were broken-up. But it is now official. We are back together.

It gave both of us the opportunity to dig deep down and examine our true feelings without any repercussions if we didn't love couldn't be with each other. All it did reveal is how much we truly care for each other.

Correction: I corrected the above paragraph because the reason for the break-up had nothing to do with love.
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