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DSL woes

Vonage is only good if your broadband connection is working. My DSL is still not back up to speed. I did get a call back from Mid-Maine Communications (my local phone company) yesterday. They will be sending out a technician today. Thank you. I called on Monday. Maybe he/she will be able to speed things up again. It sucks not being able to call out!

I have forwarded all of my calls to my apartment phone number, so I can receive all of my calls. I love that free feature! But I have been wanting to call people and I can't. I hate my current upload speed of 39 kbps. It is supposed to be above 200 kbps. At least 150 kbps would keep my calls from being choppy.

*Impatient* I hate waiting...

Update: Yay! The technician just called and he said that they found and fixed the problem. I now have my normal semi-speedy connection and my phone back. *Does a chair dance*
Tags: dsl, voip
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