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The power is back on!

I was without power for 16 hours Saturday evening and Sunday. What a pain in the ass. I was afraid to turn on the computer on Sunday for fear that the power would go out again. It didn't, but I was waiting none-the-less.

I also forgot to set my clocks back, so all of the TV programming seemed to be off. I just thought it was because of the football games.

I didn't realize the clock mistake until I was out doing some shopping and overheard a couple of people talking about it. I'm usually really good at remembering stuff like that. Oh well. This is the time to forget. I just would have been an hour early to any appointment that I had. I reset all the clocks in the apartment. Not that it was hard to do. All of them except for one were blinking.

Update: The power has gone out 3 times since I posted this entry. Only for a couple of seconds each time, but enough to make all the clocks blink or go blank. At least the UPS is keeping my computer running.
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