Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

Being told to stay away from the ex

I think I've lost a friend. Well not technically lost a friend, but lost the ability to talk to him. Dan's roommate won't let me talk to him anymore because she keeps using the excuse that we broke up and I shouldn't be talking to him anymore. I guess she has never had a close enough relationship where she can remain friends after the relationship part is over. She's only 17 years old after all.

Dan and I were friends before we started dating and just because we aren't making love to each other anymore doesn't mean that we can't remain close friends and still confide in each other about the personal experiences in our lives.

We might not be romantically involved with each other, but the love that we have for one another runs VERY deep. If I have a problem with something, Dan is able to help me through the issue, even if he doesn't know the answer or what to say. He still knows me and is able to ask some questions because he knows so much about me, that I'm able to untangle the problem or issue at hand.

Dan's new roommate won't let Dan call me when she's in the apartment, and when I've called, I've gotten a cold enough shoulder that I felt the need to put a sweater on.

I talked to Dan just now when his roommate was out of the apartment and I let him know that I would not be calling him on the phone for fear of calling when she's home. Dan will have to call me when she's out of the apartment. She came home while we were at the end of the conversation, so we had to cut the conversation there.

This began last night when I needed help/advice about my move from Maine to California. Dan was told by her that he couldn't talk to me and I spend a very sleepless night due to internal conflicts. I tried to call other people, but I only got voice-mails or disconnected numbers. The Valium and Vicodin only helped so much in keeping my restless mind at bay. And the stress didn't help my back at all.
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