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Appointments, California, and Thunderstorms

I missed my counseling/therapy appointment today because the van was full. They lost the Wednesday driver, so people are doubling up on Friday's van. We rescheduled the appointment for next Friday and I already have a seat on the van for that day because I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for next Friday.

After my appointments, I will head to the airport and fly to California.

I'm not liking the 108°F weather that I'm seeing right now in California. I'm not used to those temps anymore. When it gets to 85°F here in Maine, I feel like I'm going to melt. It should be interesting. I remember August and September being the hottest months.

I won't be sad to get away from this very wet summer though. I'm tired of having to unplug my DSL modem during lightning storms.

I didn't used to be afraid of thunderstorms. But before, my windows didn't shake when the lightning would strike. Being in a higher elevation, the lightning loves to strike nearby. Plus it disrupts the power and makes my cheapo phone chirp. So I unplug the phone line that's shared by the DSL modem and the cheapo phone.

Anyways, I be spending 2 months in Southern California with my family and friends.
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