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Hard Drive Crash

I think one of the most horrible sounds that you can hear is the sound of one or more heads on the hard drive gouging into a platter. It is a squeal that denotes data being lost forever.

That is exactly what happened to me tonight. The hard drive on my laptop produced this horrendous noise then all activity on my laptop froze. I shut off the power and tried to reboot. It told me to insert a disk. It didn't recognize the hard drive. I turned it off again and let it sit for over an hour afraid of what I suspected was true.

After the wait, I turned the laptop on again. I figured if the hard drive had crashed, it wouldn't matter if I turned it back on again. It started up and began loading Windows, but I could hear what sounded like something hitting fan blades. As soon as the login screen came up, I shut down the laptop. When the laptop was completely shut down, I could hear the hard drive come to a quick stop. It sounded as if something was dragging.

I'm afraid that I won't be able to get the important files backed up before it completely seizes up. I knew better than to use my laptop as my workhorse machine, but it is the fastest computer that I currently have, so I gradually began using the laptop more and more.

There are only a few data files that I really want. My Outlook data, my Microsoft Money data, and my genealogy data are the most important. Luckily I have most of the Money and genealogy data on this computer already. I will only lose 1-3 months of financial and genealogy work, but I will lose about 2 years of archived emails and contacts as well as my future calendar appointments.

The funny thing is I had begun a complete backup of my laptop. I just hadn't reached the documents directory yet.

As soon as my efforts to salvage what I can have been exhausted, I will call the computer shop and see where to send my laptop. Thank goodness I opted for the 4 year warranty. The warranty expires this December.
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