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Two small boys were a constant problem for the pastor, and the parents did nothing to correct them. So the pastor asked his assistant, if the boys were disruptive at the morning service, to take them to his office and have them wait for him.

Sure enough the boys showed up with their usual vigor. After a short while of talking and laughing and making airplanes out of bulletins, the assistant took the boys to the pastors office.

When the pastor came after the service he took little Billy in the office with him and asked, "Billy, do you know where God is?"(wanting him to realize he was in God's house). Billy didn't even look up and remained silent. "Tell me Billy, do you know where God is?" the pastor repeated. "Billy I'm going to ask you one more time, Do you know..."

Billy jumped up , ran out the door, grabbed his buddy and yelled "Lets get out of here!" They ran all the way to Billy's house, into his bedroom, and Billy began to pack his clothes. Billy told his friend "We are in big trouble". "Why, what did the pastor say?" his friend asked. Billy said, "God is missing and the pastor thinks we hid Him!!"
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