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New Doorknobs

I get a new lockset. George will get it "keyed up" for me and install it tomorrow. He'll be up here for the inspection so he'll do it then. It seems that not only the front door is having problems, but the back door as well, so he'll replace both.

I don't call for repairs that often, but when I call there is always something wrong.

I like George. He's an older man that is full of energy. He is the main maintenance guy for the management company. He'll come out to investigate "the problem" and if there really is a problem, he'll either fix it himself, or call someone to to have it fixed if he can't do it himself. This job he can do himself, but needs to get it keyed so it will work with the master keys.

Yay, for going to have doors that I can actually open again! :D
Tags: apartment, inspection, repairs

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