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New washing machine

We have a new washer in the laundry room. We (the tenants) were given a letter (crumpled between the front door and the screen door) as well as one being taped onto the wall above the new washer stating that the old washer was damaged due to over loading and that if this happens again, the management company will not replace this current one, they will just shut down the laundry room altogether.

Now, I washed a load of laundry last night without any problem whatsoever, so I called the management company and talked to the lady who wrote the letter. I told her that I didn't have any problem washing clothes last night. She looked into it and called me back. She said that the washer's bearings and other parts were wearing out and since the repair costs were about equal to the cost of a new washer, they went with getting a new washer. Now I could tell that the maintenance department didn't fill her in on the whole story because she thanked me for bringing this to her attention.

I'm sure that overloading the washer had some part in causing the bearings to wear out, but you can't tell me that it was the only reason.

It also costs a quarter more to wash a load than the old one did, which I was expecting when I walked into the laundry room. I'm in no way way complaining because it is still $1.25 cheaper to wash a load here than it is in town at any of the laundromats.

I just felt like we were getting punished unjustly. This is not the first time we have been punished, but last time it was for cigarette butts being left all over the lawn and that the tenants would be charged for any cleanup that needed to be done. Since I don't smoke, I was annoyed at that one too, but when I brought it up while I was paying my rent in the office, they let me know that they were well aware that I didn't smoke and that I didn't have anything to worry about.

Anyways, we have a new washer. Now if they will fix the door knob on my front door before is seizes completely and either locks me in or out of the apartment, I'll be happy.

-end ranting
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