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Legal again

I can legally drive the truck again. The truck passed the State Safety Inspection for another year.

The tires were swapped out yesterday and the correctly ordered exhaust system was installed today.

It's nice to have my truck running quieter again.

I did notice that my brakes were a bit squishy when I was heading to the repair shop this morning, but I wasn't about to bring that to the mechanic's attention if he didn't notice that himself. I just don't have the money to get my brakes fixed right now. I currently have $17.19 in my checking account and that has to last me until the end of the month.

After I received my new inspection sticker and was out of sight of the repair shop, I pulled into a gas station and checked my brake fluid level. It was fine, so I'm wondering if I have a seal leak back by the brakes. I'm not losing fluid, so I might just have air in the lines, but I'm not quite sure how that could have happened. In any case, when the weather turns nicer and stops raining all the time, I'll do a more thorough inspection.
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