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California Bound

Looks like I'll be spending the summer in California. My sister, Piper keeps calling and wanting me to come out to visit. She is searching for online flight deals right now to fly me out to California for 2 months. I'll be leaving near the end of July and returning in September.

I think it will be great to see the family during the birthday season. My grandmother, sister, three nieces, a brother-in-law, and a friend all have birthdays that fall in the 2 months that I'll be there.

One the other hand, it will suck not having Dan there with me. I really want to take him with me, but I believe that the conflicts that he is having with his mom will just escalate if he goes on vacation for 2 months instead of looking for work. He might find himself having to live with his dad if his mom believes that he should have spent his "vacation time" looking for work instead. Plus, if he does find work, the trip would be off anyways.

There were good intentions in wanting Dan to come with me, but life isn't going to let it happen this time around.
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