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I just started my trial with the Slim Fast diet. I just had lunch, a lovely chocolate shake and an apple. Actually, the shake was quite tasty. I have put on more weight than I care for and I would like to see myself back to a healthier weight. By cutting out the junk food and fast food, and eating fruits and vegtables instead, I should stop gaining weight. I wanted to use the Slim Fast to help me drop my weight without going into starvation mode.

The biggest problem I have is with control. I Love Food! I've lost weight before and was able to keep it off. I don't go crazy with the deit plans. It's when I eat healthy that I'm able to maintain a comfortable weight. I feel better too. For the past year, I have just said, "Oh well, I'm already overweight, what does it matter?" Now my mind is clearer and I am once again thinking about my physical health as well as my mental health.

While I was in the Navy, I ended up loosing around twenty pounds, just by cutting out the snacks. I was down to 165 pounds. I won't say what my current weight is. I will say it is a lot more. :) My ideal weight now is 185 to 190. That is my ultimate goal.
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