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Generated Fairy Tale (Mad-Libs style)

Once upon a time there has a young FIREMAN named BILL. He was SMARTLY SWIMMING in the HOT forest when he met STICKY DAN, a run-away BOWLING PIN SETTER from the GOOEY Queen BETTY.

BILL could see that STICKY DAN was hungry so he reached into his JAR and give him his JUMPY BANANA. STICKY DAN was thankful for BILL's BANANA, so he told BILL a very GREEN story about Queen BETTY's daughter KIM. How her mother, the GOOEY Queen BETTY, kept her locked away in a SKYSCRAPER protected by a gigantic GIRAFFE, because KIM was so DRY.

BILL HOPPED. He vowed to STICKY DAN the BOWLING PIN SETTER that he would save the DRY KIM. He would TRIP the GIRAFFE, and take KIM far away from her evil mother, the GOOEY Queen BETTY, and HUMPS her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a BOUNCY EARTHQUAKE and STICKY DAN the BOWLING PIN SETTER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic GIRAFFE from his story. GOOEY Queen BETTY CLIMBED out from behind a ROCK and struck BILL dead. In the far off SKYSCRAPER you could hear a CRASH.

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