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Spring Cleaning in the Winter

I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning. So when Dan (rogonandi) and his mom see the apartment, it will be nice and clean.

It's not like this place is a mess. Well, right now it's a mess because all of the stuff that is usually in the kitchen is currently in my living room. I just finished scrubbing the kitchen floor. It wasn't as much fun being on my hands and knees this time as it has...well, let's just leave it that. ;)

The last time Dan was here, he was helping me unpack, so he hasn't seen it since everything has been put away. Dan's mom has never seen my place, so I want it to look the best it can when she sees it.

All I have left to do is the bathroom as far as cleaning goes, and dust and vacuum in the living room and the bedroom.

I had wanted to take a break before starting on the bathroom. That's why I'm posting now.
Tags: apartment, cleaning, dan, dan's family
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