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Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's

I'm going to be spending Thanksgiving in California. I'll be flying out on Monday, November 21 and coming back Tuesday, November 29. Actually I'll be getting back in Maine on Wednesday morning.

I was pretty excited last night when all the plans were made, but right now I'm not feeling so wonderful.

Tomorrow, I have to get to the post office early to put a hold on my mail. The post office is only open until noon.

I'll be back in Maine before rent is due, so that won't be a problem this time around. Good thing because I don't have the money to pay my rent early this month.

I'll have to pay $70.00 to get my truck out of long term parking when I get back. I'd ask my neighbor take me to the airport, but she is on vacation right now.

I shouldn't have been as impulsive as I was last night. Even though Paige paid for the plane ticket, I really can't afford to make this trip.

I'm trying to tell myself that everything will work out fine. It always does. The self assurance doesn't seem to helping bring down the stress levels any. The trip isn't the only thing on my mind that is stressing me out right now.

But, after December 13, things should start to get back to normal for me. The trial on December 13 is the big stresser.

I am really looking forward to the trip to Florida for the Christmas and New Year's holiday season. I can finally let go and have fun instead of worrying constantly.
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