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Where did the time go?

Wow! I turned on my computer this morning and decided to do a little more genealogy research. Next thing I knew, it was 4 o'clock already.

I found out that I had Jeff Eugene Stiles (1st cousin twice removed) attached to the wrong set of parents. The problem was that Jeff's mom (Ora Prilla Copeland) had a twin-sister (Oda Elizabeth Copeland) and each of the sisters married Stiles men from the same Stiles family. So there are Copeland sisters who married Stiles brothers. And I attached Jeff to the wrong Stiles-Copeland couple. It was my grandmother who was able to tell me that I had Jeff (or Gene as he was called) in the wrong family.

That isn't the only sisters from one family who married brothers from another family that I have in my tree. I have two Moffett sisters and one Moffett brother from there same Moffett family married to two Stiles brothers and one Stiles sister from the same Stiles family. The Stiles brothers and sister come from a family of thirteen brothers and sisters. I haven't found out how large the Moffett family is yet, but I'm still digging. It's hard to locate records on this part of my family because the records are from Arkansas and Arkansas doesn't have too many online resources.

I also have two Barham sisters (one being my great grandmother Jewel Verland Barham) married to two Stiles brothers (one being my great grandfather Homer George Stiles).
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