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I have gotten back into the search for my ancestors. I started (continued) when I got back from Canada about two weeks ago now. I decided to finally enter my Mom's death information into my genealogy program (Family Tree Maker), and after a little cry, I began looking over the rest of the information that I had entered into the program so far. I located a few discrepancies with dates and locations, and decided to go off searching for online vital records to clear up the confusion, which I did find and clear up. Being able to locate those records and enter the correct information, rekindled the drive to fix other conflicts that I currently have in my data.

Now, I'm in the process of verifying all of the information that I've gathered from different family members, people in general, and the Internet as a whole. I didn't have very many sources cited in my research, as when I started, it was just for fun, and only I was going to see it. But as I received more and more information from family members, they too were interested in what I have uncovered or compiled so far. Now, my mission is to locate birth, marriage, military, death, and census records, so the information will be credible when I give my research to others, as well as, clear up confusion or conflicting information about Names, Dates, and Locations of my family data.
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