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Post Traumatic Stress

Dan's mom is now suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). There is a guy who works at the barn and has threatened her with closed fist gestures that has caused her to be frightened for her safety when she is anywhere near the man.

Today, she drove by the barn and spotted his car. Just seeing the car was enough to make her start shaking and break out in a cold sweat. When she got to work, she saw two doctors that both told her that she was suffering from PTSD.

She has been given the next two days off from work. In the meantime, the Conflict Resolution Officer will be looking into what, if anything, has been done by her supervisor after she reported the initial incident to him.

It all looks the the shit is going to hit the fan in the next few days. I have become her bodyguard, and if I'm not available, someone else always accompanies her when she goes to the barn.

I hate seeing people so scared that it cripples them like this. She's a VERY strong woman, and seeing her like this is terrible.
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