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A day of socializing

Today was a nice day. I decided to jump in my truck and drive around doing errands instead of just picking up the phone and calling people. Sure it would have been easier and taken a lot less time to call, but I wanted to get out and socialize.

I first stopped off at my insurance company to adjust the coverage on my truck. Actually all I did was raise the limit for the car rental in case I'm stuck without transportation. A couple of months ago, I was without my truck for 3 weeks and I realized how isolated it is out here without transportation. I can only imagine what it would be like if my truck was in the shop because of an accident or worse, totaled! I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive the change to my policy was.

Being a good salesman, my agent asked if I had renter's insurance. I did not. He said that having renter's insurance would lower my car insurance, by having more than one policy with them. I inquired as to the specifics, and I'd be saving $50 a year on my car insurance, and the $15,000 renter's insurance policy would come to around $120 a year. So I'd be paying about $70 more a year than I am now, and I'd gain renter's insurance. Since I pay my insurance monthly, it would only add close to 6 more dollars a month. Sounded good to me.

The catch is that I have to live within 10 miles of the fire department that services my area. That might be a deal breaker. Medford itself doesn't have a fire station. The 3 towns that are close to me are Milo, LaGrange, and Howland. Each town is about 10 miles from me, but I don't know where the fire station is that handles the Medford area.

My Town Office is only open 2 days a week, for 3 hours each day, and today was not one of those days. It's open on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, so I'll visit the office next week and find out how far I live from the fire station and where exactly it is. What's even worse is that I don't even know the number to the fire department and I do know that our area is not tied into the 911 system. With a town of only 231 people, not much is tied into anything.

With all that said and done, he handed me a sheet of paper with a list of items to find the answers to if I happen to qualify and am interested in the renter's insurance. The list of the items are: age of the building, age of the heating system, age of the wiring, type of wiring (such as knob, tube, Romex--I know what Romex wire is, but I have no idea what knob is, and I'm guessing that tube is conduit), number of fuses, size of AMPs, number of circuit breakers, and rating of main box.

Since I had no idea how old my apartment building is, I headed over to the management company that handles my apartment building. All she knew was the place was built in the mid 80's and still has the original heating system (electric) and wiring.

The type of wiring is easy enough to figure out by poking my head into the attic and undoing a couple of electrical plates. I have a breaker panel in my bedroom, so that is easy to find as well.

One thing I'm not sure of... is the Main Box my breaker panel, or are they referring to the one for the entire apartment complex? (I say complex like it's a big thing. There are only 4 apartments. :P)

Anywho, while I was at the management company, I mentioned that my hot water is not hot, but just barely warm. I looked on the water heater and there isn't an adjustment knob to change the temp and I'm not about to tear open the water heater to see if I can find something. She said that either the management company's handyman (George) will come out, or she'll call another company to come and fix or replace it. Woohoo!!

That was pretty much my day. I did have fun socializing today and that was the important part.
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