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Back home

I'm back home in Maine. I arrived last night.

I sunburned my left arm while driving. Ive got a nice truck driver's tan developing.

I saw a young bear while I was driving through New Brunswick. It was bigger than a cub, but not fully grown.

I almost witnessed a 4 car pile up with the oncoming traffic. There was a squirrel walking slowly across the road and the first car slammed on his brakes and caused the car behind him to slam on his brakes too and skid into the fast lane making the car that was already in the fast lane to slam on his brakes as well to avoid the skidding car. The car that was behind him was able to bring his car to a stop without screeching the tires. All because the first car didn't want to hit the squirrel. I don't like hitting animals on the road either, but if it is a choice between saving the life of a squirrel, or causing a car wreck and possibly injuring passengers in the cars, then it is time to flatten the furry thing.
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