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Keeping busy

I've been busy lately cleaning horse paddocks, repairing stall floors, hooking up speakers to a P.A. system, and repairing a set of bleachers that was damaged by a snow plow. I hasn't been too bad. I enjoy the feeling when I complete something.

The one thing I really didn't like was cleaning rotting alfalfa out of one of the paddocks. It was all slimy and stunk so bad that I about lost my lunch a few times. The guy that was supposed to have been cleaning the paddock left the alfalfa there since the winter. Since it is a government facility, they can't just fire his ass, but the ground work is being laid to gather up enough information on his lack of work to be able to can him.

What's even worse was that when Dan (rogonandi) and I were cleaning up that vile smelling muck, he (the guy that was supposed to have kept this cleaned in the first place) came over and began taking our pictures! WTF! Did he take pictures to see what real work looked like? Geez!

Dan's mom being the president of the GHRC (Greenwood Horse and Recreation Club), was not at all impressed when she found out Rick was taking pictures instead of helping Dan and I clean up the paddock. After all, Dan and I are only volunteers and Rick is actually getting paid.

Oh well. I just stay out of the politics of the place. I'm just there to help out. When Dan's mom asks me if I could help out, I do.

Anyway, today I'll be helping repair one of the fences. The posts have already been set into the ground, so all we need to do is nail up the boards. It shouldn't take too long.
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