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Headlights and movies

I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon. I had to pick up a new headlight for my truck. I picked up two because I bought the bright halogen lights. I wanted both of my headlights to be the same brightness. I tried to replace the bad headlight in the parking lot of the store just in case I needed to turn my headlights on, but the screws are rusted and I couldn't get them to budge. I'll fight with them tomorrow. I think I have WD-40 or some other kind of lubricant that will help loosen the screws.

While I was walking by the video section (I know better than that, but I did it anyway), I rummaged through the bargain bin and picked up 4 DVD movies: Deathtrap, Firefox, The Net, and Space Cowboys. They were only $5.50 a piece.
Tags: automobiles, movies
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