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Information gathering and copying complete

I finished the information gathering job from hell! Woohoo!!

I ended up having to make a bunch of copies that I handed over to my lawyer this morning. Here is the total count after I finished making all the copies:

    1,035 single sided copies
+    313 double sided copies
=  1,348 sheets of paper or 1,661 pages of information!

When I worked at Kinko's Copies, I used to do jobs of this size for customers, but this is the first time that I needed to do a job this big for myself.

All I can say is I'm wiped out. I had to answer 25 Interrogatories (questions), which sounds easy, but they are really involved and required a lot of research. I also had to gather and make copies of all the documents that I used to answer the Interrogatories, plus 24 more categories of documents that I needed to gather and copy. All-in-all I ended up coming up with the total above worth of documents. I could have easily come up with 500+ more pages to copy, but I ran out of time, and I didn't feel like making any more copies. I think I have enough with what I have. I also made 35 release forms which I signed and included in the set of copies but they are not listed in the totals above. Those are for the Doctors, Therapists, Social Workers, Hospitals, and Schools that I didn't have enough of the requested information on hand.

I have no idea if that last paragraph made any sense whatsoever.
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