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Today I received a request for production of documents for my student loan creditor.

I also need to do a deposition sometime during the week of April 18.

Both of these things have me freaked out. I have 18 pages of document requests that need to be answered fully and under oath, from schools attended since high school, financial institutions, illnesses, doctors and social workers seen, to jobs held, and much more. Gathering up all this information is a huge job.

While I was talking on the phone and telling my sister about this, I was breaking out in a cold sweat and had to sit down and take in long slow breaths to calm myself down. Piper told me to relax and break up the information gathering into groups and work on only one group at a time until I have gathered all the info.

I have never had to do a deposition, and the only time I went to court was to sit in the gallery, or to be a witness for my grandmother when she sued the roofer after her family room flooded during the first rain. This time it is me and I'm scared shitless.

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