Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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Being tested?

I think I'm being tested. How long can Greg hold on before completely blowing a gasket?

Little things have been adding up which have been causing me to become nervous, anxious, filled with rage, and also harbor fear.

The latest in a series of events is that I can't get my truck to start. The engine will crank over, so I know that it isn't my battery or starter. More than likely it is my spark plugs, fuel injection system, or possibly water in the fuel. In any case, the truck has been towed to a garage and I'll be calling them tomorrow to see what's up.

Events have been unfolding that have me worried and scared. These events have caused me to evaluate choices, both future and present choices. My goals are muddy and seem to be crumbling. I need to refocus. I need to look forward again and see if my current path is viable or do I need to forge in another direction?

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