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Mom (September 3, 1940 - February 6, 2005)

When I arrived at LAX, I was greeted by my whole family. My sister, Piper, looked at me and shook her head and said, "Mom didn't make it."

Tomorrow, both of my sisters and I will be making the necessary arrangements. There just seems to be so much stuff to do.

Both Paige and Piper have been on the phone calling relatives and friends of the family, letting them know that Mom passed away. It's hard when they are happy to hear from you, and you know that you are getting ready to drop a bomb shell on them.

My thoughts are all jumbled up. I don't know where to begin or what to write. I feel the need to get this recored this, but I have no idea what to say.


Mom, I love you very much! You will be deeply missed.
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