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Bad Day

I ended up having a crappy day for the most part. The other day, I messed up on my medication dosage and it threw my body for a loop. I am supposed to take half a pill in the morning of one of my meds and I took a whole pill without realizing it. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized it when I went to take the other half of the pill and it wasn't in its pill compartment. Then it dawned on me why I had been so out of it the day before.

Yesterday, I just muddled through the day. I was so lethargic and just vegged most of the day. Today, I stayed in bed and slept off and on until 6 PM. I took a drive tonight because I needed to clear my head.

Currently, I'm depressed and have a headache. I can tell my body has adjusted back to the medication, so that's a plus.

Thursday is stressing me out and that isn't helping my depression. My niece has been wanting me to come to her school performance Thursday afternoon. This is all she has talked about since I got here. Paige and her family want to take me to Disneyland Thursday night. The Park opens up at 4PM for AutoNation employees and their guests and the play get over about 1:00 or 1:30. It only takes an hour and a half to drive to Disneyland from here.

Anyway, Paige flipped out when Piper told her that I was going to go to my niece's play. Paige said that she didn't want to just wait around for us to get home from the school (which is right down the street). So Paige and Piper are mad at each other, and I still have no idea what time, if any, that I will be picked up to go to Disneyland. Right now, I could care less about going to Disneyland. I feel like I need to go because Paige bought a ticket for me to go. All I know is that if I get any more stressed out about all this, I'll wind up getting so depressed that I wont be able to get out of bed at all
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