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Updates to my address book

If you happen to get a weird request for updated info, it was deliberate. My computer wasn't spoofed.

I have been updating my address book. I downloaded a program called Plaxo and it works with Outlook. It's actually a pretty cool program. Since this was the first time that I've used it, it emailed the contacts in my address book that I selected to ask for any updates to the info that I already have. There has already been a few responses to my update request, which is so cool. The best part of getting the responses back is that Plaxo automatically makes the changes in Outlook for me. No Typing! :D

I had 7 requests come back to me because they were undeliverable. The errors were either "Unknown User, Bounced Email, or Mailbox Full." Obviously on some of those, the email address I have is no longer valid. I will have to see if I can find out what their current email address is. Hopefully, the street address or phone number I have is still valid.

Since I moved to Maine a year ago, I have been finding addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers scribbled on pieces of paper, in text files on my computer, and some actually in my address book on my computer. I know for sure that some of the addresses I have on the computer are old. I know that because I remember writing down the new address on a piece of paper so I could correct the address that I have, only to became misplaced later on.

One cool thing I found when I started this a couple of days ago, is a file with over a hundred birthdays... 121 birthdays to be exact. About 10 of them are family members or friends who have past away. I just keep their birth dates to remember them and celebrate them when I am reminded. It's a way that I can be sure not to forget them. I am going to create a contact for each of the 121 birth dates that I have, and save them in my address book and/or merge the birth dates with email addresses. This is a project that I've wanted to do for a while. Now, I have the time to do it.
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