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Back home for a few days

I'm back home here in Maine. I had a great trip to Nova Scotia. I was able to forget about all the stuff that has been going on and just relax and have fun.

Today I went to the post office and picked up my mail. On the way down the driveway, I noticed white stuff blowing by. I had to stop the truck to take a closer look to see what it actually was. My first impression was correct. It was SNOW! It isn't cold enough to stick, but it did snow today.

I was joking with Dan a few days ago, saying that we live in the freezer section of North America.

I see A LOT of people dressed in bright orange jackets and hats, toting rifles. I know this is a rural area, but parking in the middle of the road isn't the safest thing to do. These hunters need to pull completely off the road when they park. Maybe all that bright orange is too distracting and they aren't thinking that THEY might be the ones who actually get hit instead of the animals. "I hit a buck with my truck! ... oh wait... that's a Buick." :P

My sister, Paige, bought a plane ticket for me to fly out to California to visit Mom and the rest of the family for Thanksgiving. I'll be heading out on the 21st of November and returning the 18th of December. It will be nice to spend some time back in Cali. Mom doesn't know that I'm coming. It is a surprise. I know she will be so happy to see me.
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